Rosarium Imperatrix Inferni

“My children,” Mary seems to say, “when the enemy assails you, fly to me. Cast your eyes on me, and be of good heart. Since I am your defender, victory is assured to you.” In this way, turning to Mary is a most secure means to conquer all the assaults of hell. For she is … Continue reading Rosarium Imperatrix Inferni

Witch Lore.

Gyrovague: A Monk of Light and Shadow

Part of the ELU Catechumenate has the student reading and working through Roger Horne’sFolk Witchcraft. Early in the work the student is required to explore the role of Lore in their Witchcraft. This is no simple undertaking, as Witch Lore is more than the simple telling of stories. Witch Lore is both practical and philosophical setting a foundation for our magical practice and our individual cosmology. While some lucky few have grown up surrounded by lore others find themselves having to set about creating their own, free of cultural or familial foundations.

So how does one go about discovering their magical histories? For those in the ELU Catechumenate that is a question they have to work out for themselves. Personally it was a matter best left to meditation. Lots of early morning hours in front of the altar meditating and reflecting. Throughout the process a favorite quote…

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